Malaysia Airlines waiving all fees for changes

Malaysia Airlines have announced that they are waiving all fees for changes to travel from today until further notice to all MH destinations.

Apparently spooked by the second incident involving a Malaysia Airlines jet in four months, customers are calling travel agents to cancel bookings with the carrier. As I said, earlier today, the airline is already struggling financially. Further cancellations will really put pressure on the carrier and accelerate the need to re-structure the carrier.

All MH flights are operating as per normal schedule.


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  1. It’s very sad. Weirdly, I booked a flight on Malaysia Airlines yesterday from KL to LHR next month, and I have every intention of still taking the flight.

    This terrible incident was not the fault of Malaysia Airlines and, more than likely from what US intelligence is already saying, was as a direct result of a Russian-made and Russian-fired missile. It could have been a British Airways flight, a Lufthansa flight or any other airline that also flew the same route yesterday.

  2. @Rachel, I agree this is very sad and unfortunate for MH. It could have been any airline like Lufthansa or Singapore airlines. If you look at the actual route they flew from FRA-SIN the past 7 days, both carriers flew over Ukraine.

    However, from checking British Airways flight LHR-SIN, oddly enough they bypass Ukraine in all their flights the past 7 days. Same for Garuda’s AMS-CGK flight.

    I know that airspace where MH17 went through just had warnings, but it’s interesting to see which airlines were willing to spend a few more $$$ in fuel for the safety of its passengers.

  3. It’s actually not true that it could have been any airline. For months, Qantas has been spending extra fuel and extra time to route around Eastern Ukraine as an extra precaution. To some extent, on safety, you get what you pay for.

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