Would you fly in a Windowless Plane?

technico windowlessThe IXION Windowless Business Jet Concept has no windows. Instead any scene can be projected onto a high-res screen on the interior cabin walls and ceiling. It could be the view from the outside of the plane or relaxing scenes or business charts! The displays would be powered by Solar panels on the jet’s exterior.

The design recently won the Exterior Design Concept category at the 2014 International Yacht & Aviation Awards for Paris-based company Technicon.

The advantages of removing windows include:

  • construction cost reductions
  • a lower weight leading to decreased fuel usage
  • increased flexibility for the inside layout of the plane

140816 exterior jet

Isaac Asimov, the late Science Fiction writer, in his book Caves of Steel described windowless flying. As someone who loves gazing from the window, his prediction filled me with dread. Air design up to now has been about increaseing window size (for example Boeing with the 787)  but with most passengers absorbed in kindles, seatback TVs, Ipads and computers, today, do we need windows anymore? Many airlines now have cameras which can send back the exterior view to a screen. Is this IXION concept heralding a future step? Would passengers take to it?

Would you fly a windowless plane?



  1. My concern is safety. I think it’s important to see what’s outside especially in an event of emergency.

  2. I like the window, and occasionally taking photographs. Would be sad if that declined. A ceiling to floor view does sound interesting. Wonder if could project a false scene and fly the audience to a totally different location unaware.

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