Tips for Copenhagen?

My 60th country will be Denmark which I will visit this September.

Copenhagen, its capital will be the 182nd city of over 100 thousand people I have visited in my life. We are staying in the old quarter of the city near a metro station.

mdenmarkThe Tivoli Gardens, Little Mermaid, Strøget, and Christiania are the immediate attractions I associate with the city.

What else should be on my list?

Any other tips for Copenhagen?


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  1. The Little Mermaid is pretty disappointing, but when you go there, walk to Amalienborg (the Queen residency) and Amaliehaven (Royal garden). Then on to Nyhavn and enjoy a beer, before you continue to Strøget. Everything can probably be found on Tripadvisor.

  2. Tivoli Gardens is a must! I’ve been to CPH twice and have yet to visit the Little Mermaid. Enjoy your trip! If you’re a fan of bridges, I’d do a daytrip to Malmo just to cross over the Oresund bridge.

  3. – ask your or rent: bicycles are a must.
    – go to the food hall torvehallernekbh lunch, apperitivo
    – see post-hippie village Christiania
    – noon daily changing of royal guard to Queen’s winter palace Amalienborg

  4. The Little Mermaid is a must visit and a nice walk through a park to get there. Christiana is a must visit as is Nyhavn. We really thought Tivoli Gardens was a big waste of time and $$$. Like Joey said, Malmo is a very nice day trip from Copenhagen.

    Try a really tasty hotdog from one of the street vendors and having a Smorrebrod (open sandwich) is a great experience- we loved trying them at Ida Davidsen.

  5. CPH is awesome. You might be disappointed by the small little mermaid statue. I would go on a free walking your (Sandemans New Europe) and a boat tour around the city. If you like beer (I hope you do) I would recommend the Carlsberg Brewery and tastings. The metro is right across the street from the airport. Have fun!

  6. I know a lot of people who LOVE Copenhagen and I don’t mean to rain on their parade. With that said, this is just my opinion:

    We just got back from a 3 week Scandinavian independent vacation. Copenhagen was a 3 day visit and to be honest, my least favorite in Scandanavia. We stayed outside the city in a B&B, as we always do, to see REAL life everywhere we go. Unlike Michaels post, the highlight for us was Tivoli in the evening. Beautiful park, a relaxing, whimsical evening stroll and dinner. Then to Anderson’s bakery next door to buy danish for the next morning. We saw LIttle Mermaid from the boat tour, and saw no reason to walk back to see more. It was a mob scene of people trying to take photos of the very small statue.

    We saw all the basic tourist attractions (meh) but we also saw all the beggars, homeless, gang related graffiti and grungy parts of Copenhagen. To us, it was just another big city, not my cup of tea, I wouldn’t go back.

    One piece of advice, if you plan to see a lot of sites, buy the Copenhagen card. It covers all admissions and travel by bus and trains. Worth every penny. I hope you have a great trip!

  7. You should check out the following cocktail bars – both were really awesome:
    – 1105
    – Ruby – feels like somebody’s house

    Fine dining-wise Noma is hard to pass, but reservations will be difficult for that time frame.

    A couple of seafood places to try
    – Fishmarket
    – Kodbyens Fiskebar

  8. On your first day, join the Free Tour to get an overview of the city. Rent a bicycle with a lock to see more sights than you can on foot. Check out Christiana and the Little Mermaid while you have your bicycle because these are further away from the city center. The Tivoli garden is a mini-Disneyland, if you are traveling with kids, they may enjoy it (we skipped it). We went to the Vasa Museum and found it interesting. We also took a boat tour from Nyhavn and enjoyed this. The National Museum is free and is a must for history buffs. The Ostermalms Saluhall is worth a visit and you can even have breakfast or lunch there.

  9. If doing a trip to Malmo as well, the “Lillatorget” (Little Square) is a reasonable place for drinks or food if only because it is one of the cutest town squares in all of Scandinavia.

  10. – your hotel might have them or rent, bicycles are a must
    – daily noon royal changing of the guard at the Queen’s Amelianborg palace
    – lunch or apperitivo at Torvehallerne food hall
    – visit post-hippie village Freetown Christiania

  11. Within the city confines, Rosenborg is a cute little castle that used to be the royal palace, and still houses the royal treasury. When it’s sunny, a meal/drink in Nyhavn is quite a treat. The best day trip from CPH, by far, is Kronborg (The Hamlet Castle) and a gorgeous museum of modern art called “Louisiana” (don’t worry, nothing to do with one southern state at all). They are in the same direction from CPH, less than 1 hr by train.

  12. The Round Tower
    Louisiana Art Museum just north of the city – can be combined with the Karen Blixen Museum
    Bicycle sightseeing tour
    Have traditional Danish lunch of open sandwiches, snaps and beer
    National Museum
    Rosenborg Castle and the Crown Jewels

  13. I have family in Denmark (Bornholm) so I travel through Copenhagen yearly.

    * Lunch
    Cafe Hovedtelegrafen
    (on top of the 5 story Post & Tele Museum)
    Købmagergade 37
    Why the recommendation: Great rooftop view of the city


    * Lunch
    Cafe Norden ApS
    Østergade 61
    Why? great people watching on the Strøget near the Stork Fountain

    * Strøget
    Speaking of the Strøget, be sure to escape the over-shopped strip and skip north or south to get a view of where the locals hang
    ** Kompagnistræde/Læderstræde to the south
    ** Studiestræde to the north

    * Caffeine Row
    Studiestræde runs parallel to the Strøget (north of the university) and has many excellent ‘local’ coffee houses
    ** Living Room (please tell the owner Frank Zadi I said ‘hi’ if you go)
    ** Log Lady Cafe (two super gals, one from Iceland run this cozy little cafe, live music most nights)

    * Cafe Ruby
    I’m hearing good things about this and will review it on my next trip 29-Aug through 18-Sept
    Nybrogade 10

    * Bankeråt Café
    Ahlefeldtsgade 27
    Why? Hang with the trendy locals in wildly decorated and hygge part of the city. I can’t get enough of this neighbourhood!

    * Harbor tour (free w/ Copenhagen Card)
    Pick up the boat at Nyhavn
    Why? Great way to rest your feet and still see the city (take a jacket even on warm days — the harbour is chilly).
    The parts around Christianborg and near Vor Frelsers Kirke are the most photographic. It will also take you by the Little Mermaid (most over-hyped attraction)

    * Tivoli at night
    Great way to end the day and relax in the beautiful gardens.
    Music venues, and dancing
    Food overpriced (even for Copenhagen) but views make up for the price?
    Fireworks on Sat night

    * Christiania
    I’m not a big fan of this part of Copenhagen, but, if you’re into the drug movement by all means visit it. When I must be in Christiana, I prefer the challenging 400 step climb and outstanding views of Denmark/Sweden from the top of Vor Frelsers Kirke
    Vor Frelsers Kirke (Church of Our Saviour)
    Sankt Annæ Gade 29
    1416 København

    Good luck and safe travels

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