Wanting cigarettes, drunk 1 legged woman diverts plane

One wonders if some people should be allowed to fly?

Thomson airlines may have second thoughts about letting one woman back on a plane after she threw food at their staff on a flight from Tunisia to Edinburgh on July 30. She then allegedly hit a child and attacked the cabin crew with her prosthetic leg which she had detached. Another passenger said that the woman was shouting “I want cigarettes”.  She then reportedly demanded a parachute to jump off the plane.

The captain of Thomson Airlines flight 297 was so concerned that he diverted the plane to London’s Gatwick airport where police escorted her off the plane. She was questioned at Crawley police station on suspicion of threatening behaviour.


Passengers said the woman had been involved in an argument at a resort in Tunisia and then on the bus to the airport.

The plane had been scheduled to arrive in Edinburgh at 11.30pm  Wednesday 30th July but did not arrive until 2.30am the next day. The fate of the unruly passenger has not been publicised- I suspect she won’t be flying Thomson again.



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