I visit my 60th Country: Denmark!

imageWith touchdown in Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark on Friday, I have officially been to 60 of this planet’s countries. My goal is 99!

1410 countries visited

Source: traveltip.org

004_4Countries by region:

  • Asia: 13 countries
  • Africa: 3 countries
  • Central America/ Caribbean: 5
  • Europe: 21
  • Middle East: 7
  • North America: 3
  • Pacific: 6
  • South America: 2


My favourite countries are:

  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Vietnam
  • France
  • Costa Rica

Which are your favourite countries?

NB: I use the UN membership list as my guide.  I therefore count Puerto Rico as a US territory  and not a separate country. While they are technically three countries (just), I count England, Scotland and Wales as one (UK). My expectation is that I have actually entered the country. So, while I have landed at Johannesburg airport, I do not count South Africa as somewhere I have been.

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  1. congrats on country #60.

    I like your disclaimer that you use the UN list. I’m at 57 countries on that list and then the debate begins what is or isn’t a country beyond that.

    i wrote my own analysis called ‘is hawaii a country?’ that has sparked much debate.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!! May I ask why your goal is 99? From your list of continents, it seems like you’re lacking in South America and Africa.

  3. Do you count a country if you haven’t left the airport? I am trying to set a criteria for myself, I am curious what other people count.

  4. @Nic honestly, I wouldn’t count a country unless you left the airport and went into the countryside, a town or a city. I think you need to at least spend some time there, more than a brief layover.

    I was wondering if anyone has seen a good app or website for keeping track of this sort of info? I saw the graphic above, is that from a website or something? Thanks in advance!

  5. I think we need to revise our terminology to avoid confusion on what is, or is not, a country. To me (and to my favourite quiz site) a country is perhaps better termed a nation, and is the area governed by its federal government. England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland are therefore not countries really, but areas of one country, the United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico is not a country. I agree with you that stepping outside the airport is obligatory, but am confused about the Netherlands, which I crossed in a Denmark-London bus, but only alighted in the ferry terminal. Where does that leave me re the Netherlands?

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