Peeve about Express Security Lines

Many airports have express lines for the security process. These lines are open to elite and/or frequent fliers. I rely on them to make my airport transits as short as possible.

I have a few peeves about them. One being is there are not enough of them. Another is that when the “normal lines” are full, they redirect regular passengers to the express lines.  I know I should not be selfish and share and slow down etc but it drives me crazy!

At Sydney Airport, yesterday, this happened. Two young backpackers got moved into the line just before me. They took ages to unpack their stuff: laptops, sunglasses, money belts, bags etc. Then they walked through the X-ray machines, leaving all of their stuff behind ie they did not load them onto the conveyor belts. If I had not been there, they would have left it behind!

Of course, they both set off the metal detector alarm! To top it off they had shampoos and  aftershave that were over the 100ml limit. The security person then said to one of them : “you have scissors in your luggage”. A vehement “no” followed. The guard shrugged his shoulders and looked through the back pack. Sure enough, there was the offending nail scissors!

All of this only added five minutes to my waiting time in line. But as I keep reflecting, I already spend 100 hours a year (about four days) a year in airport lines -every extra five minutes in an airport queue feels like eternity!

Please keep the express lines for the express passengers!! Am I being too selfish?

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