Walking Tours are the best

I am not an organised tour type of person. After being encouraged to do a walking tour by my sister, on my first trip to Berlin, however, I now believe that walking tours are the best way to see a city. I have now done that Berlin walking tour five times now!

Walking tours are the best way to be introduced to a city. It allows me to see and feel the city  while learning about its history, architecture and culture while getting exercise! I am not trapped! If you do not like the tour, I can wander off!

Walking tours are the best way to find out what the local issues, concerns, news and gossip are.

I have found that generally the guides are more adept at telling you which tourist traps to avoid and which ones to embrace!

Unusually large Copenhagen Walking tour

Unusually large Copenhagen Walking tour. I am at the back!

Walking tours are a great springboard for finding out things that locals know. A walking tour introduced me to the best German restaurant I have ever eaten at in Berlin. I discovered the best cheesecake in the world in Copenhagen. I learnt where the best hot pools were in Rejkavik. I was invited to an underground arts rave in a subway station.

If you are travelling with friends or family, a walking tour can defuse the intensity of the time you are spending together. You get to mix with others.

Are you a walker?

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  1. I didn’t realise walking tours existed! Sounds like a great idea. Do you have to be very fit, or would I be able to keep up? Are they expensive? Where do you go to find out about them?

  2. I think walking tours are great if all the sights you wish to see are within a 2 mile radius. I took a walking tour in Beirut and LOVED IT! The tour guide was a student at the American university so he was a local who spoke great English. It was also great to hear his perspective on the recent events there.
    I always take a walking tour if I’m visiting a city known for mysteries/horror like New Orleans and London (Jack the Ripper!) You walk through the very same streets these mysteries occurred in and I think that gives the visit a lot more adventure!

  3. I’ve done the Sandemans free walking tours in both Munich and Brussels, and would highly recommend them.

    The tour guides are only paid in tips, so they keep things very interesting.

    We tipped about 20€ per person, but some people gave much less.

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