Stealing from the Buffet

I was bemused while eating breakfast at a Phuket Hotel breakfast bar to observe a woman stuffing food into two bags. On her lap was a plastic bag. Into that bag she was placing fruit-both whole and pieces. On the table next to her was a paper bag into which she was shoving bread, croissants and dim sim.

Have you ever taken food from a breakfast buffet for later?

At what point should one finish? Is one piece of fruit okay-and a plastic bag unacceptable? Or is it all okay?/not okay?

I have seen signs at some buffets telling people not to take food. At one in Paris they actually had someone stationed to monitor how much you took for breakfast scolding those pilfering croissants for later!

What are your thoughts?


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  1. I’ve probably been guilty of stealing a banana in the past. But then I don’t eat much at breakfast, not to say that’s strictly relevant but it does assuage my guilt!

  2. Hoovering, as in vacuum cleaner, is what the Brits call it. I see it often at airport lounges.

  3. I’ve grabbed an apple or banana to go. Lot’s of time it’s when it’s a free buffet and I wasn’t taking time for anything else. Of course a lot a places have fruit out to grab free totally separate from the buffet.

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