Tiny Intersky insolvent

ATR72-600_'OE-LIB'_InterSky_(14523803372)Austrian airline Intersky ceased flying immediately this week. The cessation was caused by the company that owned four of the planes leased by Intersky recalling them over unpaid leasing charges.The company reportedly owes five million Euros mainly to airports in Europe. A potential investor then withdrew their interest in the airline.

The airline’s only owned plane flew the carrier’s last service from Zürich, Switzerland to Graz, Austria. The video below shows Intersky Dash 8 taking off from Graz for Zurich two months ago.

Intersky, started operations in 2002. They flew charter and scheduled flights  from Graz and Salzburg to twenty destinations throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It is hard to know whether anyone will pick up their ten routes. To survive as an airline, I believe you need sufficient cash, an innovative product, enough of the right sort of aircraft and international connections. This makes it harder for smaller regional airlines across the globe to survive.

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