Je Suis Ankara (#2)

prayLast Sunday, on, 13 March 2016, at 635pm local time a 1995 BMW laden with explosives was exploded in a street location where there are many bus stops. 37 people were killed, 125 injured, with 19 severely  injured,  a bus was completely burnt up, along with many cars.

The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), claimed responsibility for the attack. They had also been responsible for the 17 February Ankara bombing. They insisted that they were aiming for a Police station nearby and did not intend to harm citizens. This is either a monstrous lie or the group were incompetent in their execution of this crime.

It has been a terrible year for civilian deaths across the world. The perception that Turkey is becoming a more dangerous place will harm their tourist industry. I have never been to Ankara but I love the other parts of Turkey that I have visited and have enjoyed the warm Turkish hospitality.

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