My Top 40 cities.

I am fast closing in my 200th city that I have visited with over 100,000 inhabitants. With each city, I rate their:

  1. Natural and Built aesthetics
  2. Their liveability
  3. Their Culture
  4. Crime rates and safety
  5. Transportation
  6. Their “Vibe

12 of my favourite cities are in Europe, nine in the USA, five in Asia,four in the UK, two in Canada, four in Australia, one in New Zealand, one in South America and two in the Middle East. My top 40 cities ranked are:

1 Paris
2 Berlin
3 Barcelona
4 San Francisco
5 Melbourne
6 Adelaide
7 Stockholm
8 Wellington
9 Toronto
10 Portland, Oregon
11 Koln (Colgne)
11 Montreal
13 Chicago, Illinois
14 Bruxelles
15 Seoul
16 Reykjavik
16 Budapest
18 Bern
19 New York, New York
19 Geneve
21 Perth, Australia
22 Copenhagen
23 San Diego, California
24 Buenos Aires
25 Amsterdam
25 Prague,
27 Bilbao
28 Hobart
29 Boston, Massachusetts
30 Istanbul
30 Chiang Mai
32 Taipei
33 Newcastle upon Tyne
33 Edinburgh
33 Haifa
36 Penang
37 Washington, District of Columbia
38 Glasgow
39 Seattle, Washington
39 Liverpool


  1. Very happy to see Berlin up there – one of my favorite places to visit (next trip booked for this June!)

  2. American here (Ohio). You are near 100% spot on about U.S. cities if you isolate them:

    1. San Francisco
    2. Portland

    Yes – my two favorite cities, in that order.

    3. Chicago
    4. New York City

    I -may- be tempted to switch these two, but I’m totally fine with this order.

    5. San Diego
    6. Boston
    7. Washington
    8. Seattle

    Totally fine with this as well although I may be tempted to put Seattle slightly higher and Boston slightly lower. Pretty spot on, though.

    For some reason, I can’t see city #40 which also must be in the US as you mention 9 American cities.

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