Stop the Plane- I want to get on

There are so many stories of poor plane passenger behaviour, that I now filter most out.

This one from Beijing takes the cake!

On the morning of September 14 at around 9.30, two passengers for flight CA1519 an Air China Beijing to Shanghai service, failed to board their aircraft by the boarding time.  They then pushed past staff, marched onto the runway and insisted on boarding the aircraft. When refused, they stood under the plane with their suitcase in an attempt to stop it leaving.

Check out the photos here:

Police arrived and put the couple into five days detention.

There are 49 direct flights a day between Beijing and Shanghai. Air China has 17 flights alone. They were on one of the first flights of the day. There was another flight 30 minutes later. Why did they n0t just change to a later flight? Now they got to their destination five days late.



Totally weird

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