Van hits plane at Hong Kong airport

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 7.47.30 AMThis is the aftermath of a China Aircraft Services hitting a fully loaded Dragonair Airbus 330 at Hong Kong International Airport’s apron 25 at about 4pm local time. The video of the incident appears to shows the van driving directly towards the aircraft as it moves towards the runway for takeoff. The van then seems to veer straight toward the engine. Completely bizarre.

The vehicle was dragged along the tarmac for several metres by the plane. The pilot stopped the plane. Five fire engines and two ambulances were called to the scene. The driver was reportedly unconscious. He was taken conscious to the North Lantau Hospital for treatment to his head and shoulder.

Dragonair Flight 691 was due to leave Hong Kong for Penang. Passengers on the plane, meant to depart at 3:30pm apparently disembarked.  The flight took off later. No other flights were reported to have been impacted.

Dragonair is in the process of a brand transformation to Cathay Dragon. They have been a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific since September, 2006. It operates 42 passenger aircraft (including 19 A330s) to 22 destinations in mainland China and 25 in other Asia region cities.

While I have flown Cathay Pacific many times, I have never flown Dragonair. I have been to HKIA many times but never had my plane hit by a bus.

The Civil Aviation Department is investigating. So was the van driver asleep, incompetent, deliberately engaged in a dangerous act or was he distracted playing Pokemon?

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