Emirates ups the ante with Triple Decker [updated at Midday]

Recently, Tim Clark, the CEO of Emirates hinted at changes to the Emirates fleet (as well as his own position).

The airline runs a fleet that is made up of 777s and A380s only. In fact, they are the largest owner of the 380 with 93 flying currently and 42 on order.

Today, Emirates announced the launch of the world’s first triple decker.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 4.03.12 pm


The airline which was the first to have showers on board will be the first with a pool on board. Emirates showers are currently available only to passengers in the 14-berth first class but the airline had indicated they would be possible offering the showers to other fare types. Likewise, the airline has not said if the pool will be on a fee for service basis or only for First and Business Class passengers.

Of concern is how they will deal with turbulence. You do not want a situation like in the movie Passengers:

The indoor park is a novel idea. The airline has not given an indication of size and again who will access it. My concern is that like their bars on many flights, the park will be underutilised. How long before, the airline replaces the park with additional seating?

At the ITB Berlin travel fair, Emirates, said that in revamping its Premium spaces it had “taken inspiration from private yacht cabins” with spaces that are more “conducive for passengers to socialise.” These enhancements do that. They follow the news from the travel fair of an upgrade of their onboard bars with a much more attractive design.

One wonders, however, if Emirates will take the opportunity to reduce the leg room in Economy arguing that passengers have access to gym, pool and park areas?

The airline is offering seats on the inaugural flights which must be booked by 1159am today in your time zone.

UPDATE: 12 midday HAST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time brings most of the world to the end of “April Fools Day“. Thanks for those who had a good laugh at this post. I enjoyed writing up this “review”. Sorry to those who did take it seriously (despite the number of the plane being APR001!). Thanks to Emirates for the idea. I enjoyed the Triple decker concept. I think the logistics of takeoff and turbulence have a while to go before we see an on-board pool come to fruition!

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  1. Awesome information. I have heard that emirates airline’s services are best one as compared to other airlines. Is it true?

  2. Hi Dolores. Hopefully everyone gets the joke! There are enough clues eg APR001! Enjoy!

  3. Martin, after reading an IKEA post I was cautious about this one. LOL


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