Excitement of Qantas Gold for Life Muted by Qantas non reaction

In the 2009 movie “Up in the Air”, George Clooney fantasises about the time, he will hit ten million miles. When it finally happens and the airline hands him his rare ten million miler club card, he is lost for words.

I have just reached “Lifetime Gold” with Qantas after 20 years in their Frequent Flyer Program. This means I get all of the Gold-level perks including:

  • 75% bonus on points
  • Business Class check-in
  • Greater checked baggage allowances (which I rarely use)
  • Airport lounge access, and better access to upgrades

For the rest of my life (*subject to any future changes)Thank you Qantas

It also represents about one million miles of flying. This is about 384 flights with Qantas and 125 with other One World airlines on which I earned 14,000 status credits and thousands of points (which I  have used)!

Having reached this milestone, I am also speechless by Qantas handling of my new status. I guess I hoped for a nice Gold for Life card and/or a letter personally signed by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and/or a phone call.

Instead, I got this mass-produced unsigned letter:

Really, is that how you thank a customer who has probably invested $200,000 in your airline? (I do appreciate the perks though).

What do you think? Did I get enough recognition and accept the benefits I will receive as a Gold for Life customer? or Should Qantas have tried a little harder?

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  1. I think you got your reward, gold status for life, how did they not meet your expectations? Was there something else promised?

  2. Looks about as exciting as my million miler, lifetime gold was with AA. At least they sent a pair of plastic bag tags. They both cracked and broke within 4 uses. I did ask if it was possible to get a couple more even paid. I got a firm no.
    I rarely fly AA now, basically because I felt unappreciated when I do. My loyalty is to where I can get the best value.
    Hope that QF understands you disappointment.

  3. Standard from Qantas. This is why as an Australian I have moved my loyalty to AA.

  4. Qantas said thank you with every perk given to you via their frequent flyer program. A million miler, a.frequent flyer and even a one-time customer all deserve the same level of courtesy. Those who have earned some perks are rewarded with the accompanying benefits. Fanfare from the service provider is not necessary.

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