The most important question about American shutting frequent flyer accounts.

There has been alot of news and discussion about American Airlines contacting some AAdvantage frequent flyer customers to advise them they are closing their account and cancelling any unused award tickets.  The words is that American have been closing the  accounts where the holder has:

    1. Bought, sold or bartered frequent flier miles that they have got from “unofficial” channels online
    1. Applied for a very large number of multiple Credit Cards in a very short period of time for the sole purpose of gaining frequent flier cards


    Created frequent flier accounts for non existent people eg deceased family members or pets
    1. Used other people’s personalised codes to obtain frequent flyer points and or credit cards

The important question is: Has anyone had their AAdvantage frequent flyer  account closed  who has not done any of these things?

If  you have genuinely done nothing wrong and your account as been closed, then talk to AA. However, if your account has been closed for one of the above reasons, your best policy is to be honest.  You are more likely to have your account reinstated of you fess up.

Many people think that their Frequent Flier account is theirs and they “own” the points in it. We actually do not. If you check the Terms and conditions of any airlines’ programs, then you will see that the account and points in it belong to the program manager/owner. They call the shots, if you break the rules, you lose the privileges. Be Aware.


  1. I can’t stand dishonest people. Or people who think “gaming” the system is fair and honest. They are the ones who cause dilution of FF mile programs. But life in general. So many people think they are entitled to everything they see. It’s not all for you. Thank you American Airlines for standing ground and not letting these people get away with it.

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