About My Blog: Wild about Travel

Welcome to 2023!

I come from a long line of Nomads. My family moved from village to village across England throughout the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. As soon as humanity invented Steam trains, steamships and motor cars, we used them to travel further afield. Relatives of mine travelled to the Americas (North and South) and India. My great-grandfather joined the Royal Navy and saw service in Brazilian waters. Two of his sons immigrated to Australia and his youngest daughter moved from the south to the north of England. Not something that was done by “young ladies” in those days!

I first travelled internationally before I was 11 months old, having spent my toddler years in multiple locations. I lived in 22 houses in three countries before I was 21 years old, with visits to another seven. Now I have been to over 400 cities in 81 countries!

Travel is in my heritage, background and life! Hence this blog. I am Wild about Travel and want to share it. I have been journaling about my adventures for over 15 years now (yeah, I was a blog pioneer!). I am not here for clicks, likes or money. I don’t have a team behind my blog. I have been very grateful to Boarding Area for this journey. I have learnt so much.

My aim is to enjoy travel as safely, sustainably, economically and respectfully as I can. I am aware that I am hugely privileged so you will learn a bit about my volunteering efforts and fundraising. Again, thanks to Boarding Area for their support here.

Strap in and enjoy the journey!

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