I have now travelled to 84 countries!

a map of the world

In 2020 and 2021, I added no new countries to my “collection”. In 2022, I did a little catching up, visiting Timor Leste, Morocco, Qatar and Gibraltar! I had previously been to Doha Airport, but never gp off the plane. Check this link for a comprehensive look at the places I have visited.

My overall goal is 99 countries, and I had hoped to add two new places each year until I get there. This means that goal is about nine years away!

Between my flights and boat trips I have looped the earth around 91 times (yes, I believe the planet earth is round)! The furthest north I have ventured is just above the Arctic circle in Grimsey Island (Iceland) and the furthest south below Invercargill in New Zealand.

Along the way, I have collected almost 100,000 photos, an innumerable number of gorgeous friends and phenomenal travel memories. I have enjoyed incredible meals in five-star restaurants with city views through to enjoying local delicacies whilst crouching in the gutter with dogs salivating nearby, hoping for a dropped piece of bread or meat.

I have been caught up in three war zones and lived through three coups. I almost died of a tropical disease in Nigeria, in a bombing in the Middle East and from a trigger-happy suspicious soldier in Central America. Managed to avoid most major health issues when travelling and plan to keep it that way! One of my ironic experiences was travelling through urban and rural India for some time, not getting ill, and falling for a stomach virus in London after just three days in the UK!

My top 12 favourite countries are:

  • #1 New Zealand
  • #2 Iceland
  • # 3 Denmark
  • #4 Switzerland
  • #5 Taiwan
  • #6 Estonia
  • #7 Portugal
  • #8 Japan
  • #9 Costa Rica
  • #10 France
  • #11 Vietnam
  • # 12 Morocco

I look for the vibe, friendliness, scenery and urban spaces, cuisine and authentic experiences.

There are just five nations that I am in no hurry to revisit (one in Europe, one in the Middle East, one in Asia, one in the Americas and one in Africa. That’s not bad out of 81!

I hope I can keep adventuring and sharing my life’s adventures. Do join me! Thanks for being part of the Wild About Travel reader family.

What about you? Do you have a travel goal? Favourite country?


  1. Love Martin’s inspirational travel stories. I’m sure they’ll make a movie about him. Great reminder to everyone to get out and live life to its fullest.

  2. Now I want to travel again. Was retrenched just before covid and took kids on a 6 month round the world as I figured they would learn more with me. 70 countries’ down with no money to travel (feeding 3 teenagers). Have you been to Ethiopia its phenomenal? Want to see the roman ruins in Libya, Persepolis or what’s left of it and go to the snow festival in Japan.

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