Unique Roadside Meal in Morroco

A new one for me. Deep in rural Morocco this is a butcher shop/ cafe. Behind the sheep and cow carcasses, you can see hanging up are a slicer, mincer and barista coffee machine. My driver pulled in here whilst en route from Chefchoen to Fez, raving about the food here.

a group of people sitting in a chair in front of a butcher shop

Fresh Moroccan tea appeared at our table first. Customers were served tea or coffee or meals or kilos of fresh meat to take home. Never had this experience before!

a glass of brown liquid on a table

We had a beef koftah served with tomato & onion and hunks of flat bread served with mint tea. The meat was fresh obviously! It was cooked over an open fire at the front of the shop.

Dogs waited outside for tidbits and cats brushed under our feet looking for the treats.

a group of people in a restaurant

Only men entered the store, ordered and sat. While there, sadly, two women beggars came in looking for money donations. Otherwise, these types of cafes in rural areas are usually off limits to women. Men do the purchasing and eating out. In the Morrocan cities, you are more likely to see women socialising in such places but even then it’s not universal.

What is a memorable eating experience for you when travelling?

a man smiling at camera

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