The World’s Most Unsafe Airlines

I wrote recently about the safest airlines in the world according to Airline Ratings. My attention was drawn to the most unsafe airlines.

Airline Ratings does not officially release a list of the least safe airlines. Numerous airlines have received one-star ratings, however, and those at the bottom of the one-star list are as follows:

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The flag carrier of Algeria, Air Algerie, has had a number of serious incidents. They at least get 3.5 out of 7 for customer service, which is more than many of their one-star compatriots. Customers are scathing: “travelling to Algeria with Air Algerie is the worst experience. just don’t do it. I would like to rate Air Algerie as ( -100 or 0)

Blue Wing of Suriname has been banned from operating in the European Union due to safety concerns. Blue Wing is currently neither reaching the EU nor IOSA minimum certification requirements. Along with the one-star safety rating, the carrier has a 0 out of five service rating.

Iran’s Aseman Airlines has also had a history of safety issues linked to a lack of spare parts and comprehensive training. Iran’s Accident Investigation Bureau noted in their report on the deadly crash of Aseman Airlines ATR72 in February 2018 that a series of human errors caused the 66 deaths. They also rate poorly for service.

Nepal Airlines has a poor safety record, with multiple accidents and incidents. The whole country’s airline industry is rated poorly for safety and service. The safety situation is exacerbated by Nepal having some of the most difficult flying conditions in the world.

Pakistan International Airlines has had a long history of safety issues, including several high-profile crashes. I am very sad about PIA because, for decades, they were one of the premier carriers in the world, known for efficiency and glamour. Now they struggle to get 3 out of 7 stars for service.

Another Pakistani carrier, Airblue, has had a number of serious incidents and a 0 out of 7 rating for its product and service. One passenger described their experience:In one word airblue is RUBBISH.

SCAT (with the unfortunate name) is a Kazakh airline with its head office in Shymkent, Kazakhstan It has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 for its service which seems high when reading passenger reviews: “Aircraft is very old and uncomfortable; smell from toilets all over.

Sriwijaya Air, the Indonesian carrier, has had multiple incidents and accidents, including a deadly crash in January 2021 that killed all 62 people on board a Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500. The airline struggled through 2021 and 2022 after the crash, laying off staff. It has entered a debt arrangement through the Indonesian courts to survive.

I have managed to avoid flying any airline with a safety rating below five stars, and that definitely includes this list!

Fly safely.

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