The Tunisair Dilemma: Is the Terrible Rating a Warning or a Challenge?

I am planning my October travels, and I am always game to fly a new airline (surprise!!!). (I have now flown 120 different airlines).

I have a group of airlines that are in my top ten and a group in my bottom ten…

I may have found a contender for what would be the world’s worst airline if I am game to fly them on a short hop from Europe to Tunis. Their flight time is just over one hour whilst their competitors onky offer indirect flights of five hours plus for three times the price.

Reviewers are consistent across social media and rating sites:

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Tunisair was founded on October 21, 1948, as Tunisia’s national airline. Today, it operates routes domestically, to all the major cities within Tunisia, including Tunis, Djerba, Sfax, and Monastir. Internationally, Tunisair connects Tunisia to numerous cities in Europe, such as Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Istanbul. Additionally, the airline flies to several African destinations, including Algiers, Casablanca, Cairo, Dakar, and Lagos. Tunisair currently operates 15 aircraft against 21 prior to the pandemic. Four of them have been delivered in the last two years.

Skytrax certifies Tunisair as a TWO STAR Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Their product rating includes the following dubious distinctions:

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The only good news is Airline Ratings puts their safety at 6/7.

I have NEVER flown a two-star carrier!! (according to Skytrax, there are only 9 two-star airlines in the world.

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Tunisair’s Eye-Opening TripAdvisor Ratings are a fascinating read with a Staggering ‘1 out of 5 Terrible’ Reviews”. Over at Trustpilot, 95% of the ratings are one star.

Tunisair has been in this abysmal state for a long time. The recent history of the airline is as messy as its washrooms!

It has fought cashflow issues, labour unions, Tunisia’s airport corporation and experienced constant leadership turmoil. In 2020, the transport minister sacked CEO Elyes Mnakbi after just two years in the job. He refused to accept the sacking! Seven former and current officials of the company were arrested at the same time. An interim CEO came in fro six months and then b Olfa Hamdi was appointed in January 2021. She was dismissed within seven weeks after the airline’s bank accounts were seized by the Tunisian National Social Security Fund over unpaid contributions. Current chairman and Chief Executive, Khaled Chelly took over in March 2021. He appears to be still in the job!

Resolving its financial, human resources, and governance challenges call for Draconian measures. I wish them luck.

In the meantime, should I fly them… yes or no?


  1. im currently looking at itineraries to Tunis and was researching whether to fly them as well. as a frequent, but anxious traveler, i’m gonna pass! (though I have flown PIA as another in the 2 star category; was not bad). Let us know if you end up flying them and how it goes!

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