Journey to a Kinder World through better Chocolate choices

Are you like me and LOVE Indulging in chocolate? I think it is a universal pleasure. Every human on the planet consumes an average of roughly one kilogram of food annually. I know I sample chocolate wherever I travel to! Good chocolate please.

With a projected 5.6% increase in chocolate revenue, surpassing even the forecasted growth of the world economy, it’s evident that chocolate holds a significant place in our lives and markets. However, amidst this prosperity lies a stark reality: the plight of cocoa farmers, trapped in cycles of poverty and exploitation.

Despite the potential for positive change, there remains a disconnect between decision-makers in the chocolate sector and cocoa growers. Many smaller chocolate companies and sustainability professionals understand the importance of supporting farmers, but broader industry action is necessary. Fortunately, the chocolate industry possesses the resources and profitability to address these challenges.

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What if our love for chocolate could also help make the world a better place? Consumer demand for “better” chocolate is driving positive developments

Enter the Chocolate Scorecard, which gives some hope in the cocoa industry’s quest for sustainability and ethical practices.

(illustration from The Chocolate Scorecard)

Organized by Be Slavery Free and other stakeholders, the Chocolate Scorecard aims to promote accountability and transparency within the industry. By evaluating companies based on social and environmental standards, it empowers consumers to make informed, ethical choices while incentivizing businesses to improve their practices.

Collaboration among stakeholders—companies, consumers, and advocacy groups—is crucial for building a more sustainable and ethical chocolate industry. Together, we can ensure that every indulgence in chocolate contributes to a sweeter, fairer world.

Reading the Chocolate Scorecard has given me the resources to know the next time I reach for a chocolate treat, I can make an impact and join a movement toward a chocolate industry that’s not just delicious but also responsible and ethical. After all, every bite can be a step toward positive change.

PS Tony’s Their cocoa mass is 100% traceable with cocoa beans that were purchased directly from their partner cooperatives in Ghana and Ivory Coast


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