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Nervous Flyers Relax (Travel Tip #11)

When Ansett Australia was flying, their in flight magazine had a section for nervous and new flyers explaining the bangs and noises of a flight. Last week British British Airways is installing an instructional video  on its in-flight entertainment system based on its one-day Flying with Confidence course. The video guides passengers through the operations of an aircraft, including explaining the  technical side of flying including turbulence. The course is run by Captain Allright (that is his real name apparently!) Also included in the video are relaxation techniques from clinical psychologists to help reduce any feelings of panic. A clip…

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What happened to the Airbus A330 that went down in 2009?

As a very frequent flyer with 752 take offs and 752 landings now, I am particularly keen to keep the number of my landings the same as the number of take offs. Any investigations, therefore, into plane crashes interest me.  Call me morbid or possessing an active self preservation interest? You may remember Air France 447 that was en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on 31 May 2009 (exactly two years ago). It plunged into the ocean off the coast of Brazil. After an almost two year search,  the black boxes belonging to the A330 have been found and investigated by France’s…

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