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BA farewells 747s

“Sad Day for All” the understated words of an Air Traffic Controller at Kemble/Cotswold Airport summed up how I and so many 747 enthusiasts felt as the very last two British Airways Jumbo 747-400s departed the fleet. British Airways Boeing 747-400, G-CIVB and G-CIVY took off from London Heathrow Runway 27R on Thursday 8th October at 0646am and 0711am respectively. The airline had planned for the two Boeing 747s to have departed side by side from the airport’s parallel runways. As a result, of terrible weather, this spectacular double departure did not occur. G-CIVB (Negus…

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Goodbye to the Cathay 747

More on Hong Kong! The 747 has long been one of my favourite aircraft since my first flight was in 1971 from Hong Kong to Sydney, Australia with Pan Am. I celebrated my birthday on the flight with a cake. Cathay Pacific flew their first 747 in 1979 and eventually owned 54 of the type.  Their 747s have carried over 160 million people across the globe! Of my 96 Jumbo Jet flights, six have been on six Cathay 747 flights of them over that time (see below. NB The Hong Kong to Paris route was flown twice).…

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Qantas 747 flies with five engines

In an exciting manoeuvre, last Wednesday, Qantas flight 63 took off from Sydney, Australia to Johannesburg, South Africa with five engines on the 747 instead of the usual four. The extra engine was not used to power the flight. It was merely being transported to Johannesburg to be swapped with a defective engine on a 747 which then operated QF64 back to Sydney. I never knew that the 747 could be used in this way. Its wing, apparently, has anchor points under it, which allow for a supporting strut to be attached.  A winching mechanism added to the strut  lifts the extra engine…

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Qantas returns to San Francisco

There are few experiences worse than getting off a 14 hour flight and encountering LAX customs and immigration. Walking through miles of grey corridors one encounters a huge understaffed space. The custom agents have been rarely welcoming. San Francisco, by contrast is a joy. One agent asked me why I flew through SFO and I told him “because you guys are a delight“. Much nicer airport, friendlier staff and easier to connect. (Plus I prefer the Bay area to its rival down the coast!) This is why I am so excited to see SFO is back on the…

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