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Free Facebook on 7 US airlines

From January 1 to January 30 passengers on AirTran, American, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Frontier, United, and US Airways flights can use Gogo’s inflight Internet access to log onto Facebook for free. Air Canada passengers can also access the service. According to Gogo, after accessing the Gogo portal on an Internet browser, it is a matter of following a set of simple instructions to connect to Facebook. Related Posts US Airlines switch on PED devices

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Delta First Class Delight

For many years, I refused to fly Delta. My re discovery of them has been a great experience and this recent almost perfect flight was confirmation that Delta have a lot to offer these days. Booking 10 out of 10 The web site is very straightforward and gave fare options for both First Class and Coach. The booking engine flows well, is logical and a pleasure to use. When making my seat selection, I chose 1C being the only seat left in the front row of First Class. Check in: 10 out of 10 Delta has a great…

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Crazy Week

Two things about this week: The first is I have a crazy schedule: five US cities in five days with flights from Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia. Will be flying Qantas, United, Delta, JetBlue and Southwest. The second is that I will fly the 900th flight of my life! Sadly, not a very exciting flight on  a Delta connection to Richmond, Virginia. Check out my flight memory which tracks where I have flown. I have now flown over two million kilometres (1.2 million miles). That is almost 53 times around the world! Related Posts Two Million…

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Qantas Gold Frequent Flyer-again

Quiet week here with no travel anywhere! Qantas sent me through my new Qantas Frequent Flyer card last week. My Frequent Flyer membership ticked over July 31, 2012. I have retained Gold status for another year.I had contemplated a last ditch Platinum run but resisted it. I also have some points with Emirates, JetBlue, Southwest and United. My other two main Frequent Flyer programs are with Virgin Australia (Platinum Status  until December, 2013) and Delta (Silver Status until January). I also reached 7000 vists in July which was  a new record for me. 80 per cent of you are regular visitors…

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Delta to have 1000 wifi enabled planes

Delta announced last Thursday,wifi will be added to its 150 strong international fleet from 2013. It currently has 550 planes wifi equipped and they say they are aiming at a wifi equipped fleet of 1000 planes. Domestically, Delta uses GoGo which provides the service via  air-to-ground technology that uses land-based cell towers to beam signals to aircraft. For International flights, this is not so practical so it will be an Air to Satellite product. GoGo are working on their satellite systems. Delta have annouced Gogo will be Delta’s provider on the international services Satellite systems are almost four times more expensive…

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