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The airlines that failed in 2014

Overall, fewer carriers seemed to fail in 2014. For many airlines, it was  a much more profitable year. Of concern was how many of the carriers that collapsed were only flying for months.  I am tempted to call 2014 “the Year of the shortlived airline”. Air One Italy: 23 November, 1995 to 30 October, 2014 Fleet: 10   Alitalia’s low cost subsidiary never quite made sense. Following the takeover of Alitalia by Etihad, Air One was shut down. AirTran USA: 26 October, 1993 to 28 December, 2014 Fleet: 138 Destinations:  72 (at peak) On 28…

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Free Facebook on 7 US airlines

From January 1 to January 30 passengers on AirTran, American, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Frontier, United, and US Airways flights can use Gogo’s inflight Internet access to log onto Facebook for free. Air Canada passengers can also access the service. According to Gogo, after accessing the Gogo portal on an Internet browser, it is a matter of following a set of simple instructions to connect to Facebook. Related Posts US Airlines switch on PED devices

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