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Qantas/Emirates: Positive, Negative, Alternative

With a spectacular flyover Sydney by two Airbus A380s, the Qantas/Emirates “partnership” was officially “birthed” a week ago. Announced in July, 2012, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce claimed this was the most important deal in the 92 year history of the airline. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission gave final approval for the alliance after deciding that the deal will not lead to negative effects for passengers. It however, rejected Qantas’ argument that its international operations face a ”terminal decline” without the Emirates alliance. There are lots of pluses for Qantas passengers but  I have yet to be convinced…

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My Favourite Cities at end of 2011

In 2011 I visited  eleven new cities with a population of 100 000 people plus. This brought the number of cities I have been to with that size population to 167.  The new cities were (in order of how highly I rated them) Seoul, S Korea…I was blown away by this amazing vibrant capital city. I ve decided it is the best city in Asia and my 11th favourite in the world! Here I am pictured in down town Seoul Exeter, UK….a cute small English city with amazing Roman ruins and a very old and grand Cathedral Dubai, UAE…as fun, spectacular…

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Wednesday Weirdness- I wanna pay my way

At the Union Square Metro station in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Sunday, an agitated British Backpacker was trying to pay his 4.50 Dirhams metro fare with a British pound coin. He argued with the woman at the ticket counter. He reasoned with her and finally he pleaded with her. “This pound is worth 5.50 Dirhams why won’t you take it? Its worth more!’”. He looked around seeking help from the long line forming behind him. I said to him, tryig to pay with pounds on the dirham metro would be like someone trying to pay with Dirhams in the London Underground. “Thats different” he said “these…

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Fry Tweets Qantas A380 Failure

British actor and Tweetaholic Stephen Fry was en route from Sydney to London today aboard a Qantas A380 operating as QF 31. Four hours out from Singapore, the plane was diverted to Dubai due to engine problems. Bizarrely one year to the day since a Qantas A380 Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine shredded in what could have been a disaster for that airliner. Fry kept us entertained with a blow by blow account of today’s situation which a Qantas spokesperson said was not connected to last year’s issue (Oh yeah? how d they know?): 82 stephenfry:  Taking…

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Tuesday Trip Report: Royal Brunei

Long been curious to try Royal Brunei. Due to a quirk in my schedule, I got the chance to last week. Even though it involved two stopovers, their flight got me out of London and into Melbourne at a time that fitted my schedule. My first Royal Brunei sector was actually the 787th flight of my life. I had hoped for a flight on the 787 but the timing didn’t work. (For those who have been following, I flew my 737th on a Southwest 737, 747th in a Qantas B747, then United for 757, Qantas for 767…

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