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Heavenly HELsinki – Eighth Best City in the world!

I have just paid my first visit to Finland (my 68th country) and to its compact but option packed capital. Definitely felt at home, after a very short time. Verdict Regular readers will know, I rate every airline and every city I encounter.Helsinki was easy to rate! My Overall Rating: 85.6% Ranking out of my top 200 Cities: 8th place- Narrowly behind Wellington (New Zealand) which has a very similar look and feel to Helsinki The Economist Ranking: 9th Most livable city Why it should be visited: Stunning architecture, easy to get around, brilliant museums, great art, food…

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Qantas/Emirates: Positive, Negative, Alternative

With a spectacular flyover Sydney by two Airbus A380s, the Qantas/Emirates “partnership” was officially “birthed” a week ago. Announced in July, 2012, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce claimed this was the most important deal in the 92 year history of the airline. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission gave final approval for the alliance after deciding that the deal will not lead to negative effects for passengers. It however, rejected Qantas’ argument that its international operations face a ”terminal decline” without the Emirates alliance. There are lots of pluses for Qantas passengers but  I have yet to be convinced…

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