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Travelling with Others (without tears)

As a people watcher, I am sometimes morbidly fascinated by what can be very public fights by fellow travellers. You have probably spotted couples not talking for days or having screaming fights in the middle of airports, hotels and train stations. I know friends who have vowed never to travel with each other again. Here are some thoughts on avoiding frustrations with your travel mates: 1. Choose Your Travel Companion(s) Carefully Be aware that if you find someone’s behaviours irritating on a day to day basis, then on a trip any irritation will be magnified…

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Paris Unplugged

Paris unplugged is a Blog featuring photographs of Paris through time. There are pictures of Pl d Bastille, Place de la Republique and Moulin Rouge  through history, images of metro stations line by line, snapshots of the World Expos, maps of the Metro over its development and glimpses of Parisian shopping, fashion, culture and art all frozen in pictures.  There are also pictures of buildings planned or imagined for Paris but never built. It is a fascinating and enjoyable wander through this amazing city.    

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