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German Train Delays

Many years ago,  when Germany first had its ICE (Intercity Express) High Speed Trains, I was riding one to Frankfurt. As the train conductor walked through the carriage I was in, three German Businessmen yelled angrily at him “Drei Minuten”. Yes, our train was three minutes late. That image of the punctual German Railway has stayed with me so it was with a sense of disappointment that I discovered on arriving at Berlin’s brand new multi level Bahnhof (Central Station ), that my Hamburg bound train was 20 minutes late. When the train finally rolled in…

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Stripping with Air Berlin

I am in the Air Berlin Business lounge in Berlin. Another passenger just removed his trousers – he was wearing underwear – and put on a new pair – in a corner of the lounge. There are three other passengers (including me) in the lounge and there is a men’s lavatory. But he chose to undress/dress in public! Was he taking the Air Berlin slogan: “Your Airline” literally? No I didn’t get a photo.

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