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Comparing One World Emerald and Sapphire

I have previously written about the Star Alliance and Skyteam Frequent Flyer programs. Time to draw my attention to One World. The OneWorld alliance has three status tiers named after gemstones. The OneWorld alliance has three status tiers named after gemstones. Emerald Sapphire Ruby Thanks to Qantas for this handy list of the benefits linked to each status. My favourites are priority check in and lounge access. I do not check luggage in so that feature is one that I rarely use. Like the other airline groupings, it is really the top tiers that are the holy…

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Self serve at home bag tags

  In the “old days”, check in would consist of issuing of a Boarding Pass and Luggage Tags. Increasingly boarding passes are printed at home or available on a mobile phone. Air New Zealand have allowed passengers to print their bag tags while checkig in. Qantas do the same. Now Spanish airline Iberia lets customers print their own baggage tags at home. This occurs when checking-in online at iberia.com . Using a single sheet of A4 paper for each tag, you fold it into quarters and place it in a reusable plastic envelopes. These envelopes are…

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Spanish Shakeup for IAG

IAG CEO Willie Walsh has thrown down a challenge following  nine months of losses at Iberia and a 25% fall in third quarter profit for the group. This week he said:  “We want Iberia to be strong and successful. For too long the narrow self-interest of the few has damaged the long-term future for the many. We will not hesitate to take necessary steps to protect the interests of our shareholders.” It looks like Iberia is going through the same medicine that British Airways went through two years ago.  The immediate changes are: Iberia capacity will be…

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Spanair no more

The end came quickly for Spanair and her people.- very quickly.   History Established in 1986 as a charter airline by Scandinavian airlines with a Spanish travel company, Spanair began scheduled international flights in 1991 followed by Spanish domestic flights in 1994.  Membership of Star Alliance came in 2003. Skytrax rated them a 3 star airline.   Spanair struggled to make money and in June, 2007, SAS announced it would sell most of its 94 per cent shareholding.  SAS failed to find a buyer, however,  and finally sold 83.1 per cent for a euro to the government of the Catalonia region in Spain in January, 2009. This region gave the…

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British Airways & Iberia PLUS American?

This week saw the first anniversary of a joint business agreement between American, Iberia and British. Under this agreement, the airlines agreed to co-operate commercially on flights between the United States, Mexico, Canada, the European Union, Switzerland and Norway. The agreement  was backed up by anti trust immunity from US and European authorities. Shortly, after the agreement was signed, in January, 2011, Iberia and BA merged into a new company called IAG (international Airlines Group), Europe’s third largest airline group and the sixth largest in the world by revenue. The airlines have combined the strong BA Asian connections with Iberia’s…

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