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My 5th Dreamliner Flight: Jetstar “Business” to Singapore

MEL, Melbourne, Australia  to SIN, Singapore  JQ7 Scheduled Departure: 12:00 Arrival: 16:50 Actual Departure: 13:34 Arrival: 18:06 Total distance: 6,040km -3,753 miles Bookings: 10/10 While operating just one class on domestic services in Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam, the carrier runs a StarClass (Business Class) on key international flights between Australia and Honolulu, China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. I thought I would try this option out, especially as it gave me another ride on a 787, making it my fifth 787 ever! Jetstar’s website is very easy to use. I like the way, they handle choosing between one way and round trip bookings. It is very…

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Journey to the Centre of Australia with Jetstar

We recently spent a few days  at Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock). To get to the spiritual heart of Australia means flying to its remote airport (code:AYQ) at an outrageous cost. Fares from Sydney can range from $450 to $1000 for the round trip.  I could fly round trip to Singapore for $450 to $750 in the same period. Yet, Ayers Rock is three hours and 40 mins from Sydney and Singapore is just over eight hours! We chose to fly with Jetstar, which cost us around $490 round trip. I have never been a huge…

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