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Kenya Airways New Fight to Survive

Recently Kenya Airways ran a feel-good campaign to celebrate Customer Service Week with pictures featuring the carrier’s new Polish CEO Sebastian Mikosz: The tweets hid the turmoil behind the scenes.  Sadly Kenya’s flag carrier is in deep, deep trouble. Since my time of living and travelling in Africa, I have seen so many airlines come and go. Air Gabon, Ghana Airway, Nigeria Airways, East African Airlines and Zambia Airways have gone. South African Airlines is teetering as is Kenya Airways. Kenya Airways has more than $1bn of debt following an aggressive expansion plan launched five years ago. The plan…

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Kenya Airways Falters

I love Africa. The smells, the vibrancy and the people have captured my heart since I lived there as a child. African aviation, therefore definitely absorbs my interest and attention from the days I used to fly Nigeria Airways (now defunct). Back then East African Airways flew to Uganda and Kenya from many of the airports I travelled through and I wondered at this airline’s livery and slogan: “Fly among friends“. Sadly they collapsed in 1977 with debts of $US120million to be replaced by three airlines; one of which is Kenya Airways. These days that loss would…

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300 Boeing 787s delivered

On July 27, Boeing announced they had delivered their  300th Boeing 787. This means the company has delivered 100 in the last nine months. Boeing has orders of 1095 for the plane’s three versions. In the four years since the plane began commercial flight, there have been 294,000 commercial flights using the 787.  Almost 55 million passengers have flown 659 million miles for a total of 1.5 million revenue flight hours. 31 airlines are currently using the plane with Vietnam due to be 32nd in the next week. All Nippon Airways Aeroméxico Air Canada Air India Air New…

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Jetlink Jinxed by South Sudan?

Not been a terrific year for African airlines with the loss this year of Velvet Sky, Air Nigeria, 1time and on the 16th of this month the grounding of Jetlink Express of Kenya. Jetlink started operations in 2004. It employed 350 staff and operates a fleet of eight Bombardier CRJs. Jetlink, which has operated for over four years, operated scheduled Kenyan domestic flights to Kisumu, Mombasa, and Eldoret and regionally to Juba (South Sudan)  and Mwanza in Tanzania. Its closure is a little unusual. In a statement, Jetlink said it had over two million US dollars in…

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