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Ryanair backtracks on US again

The idea that Ryanair, the Irish budget carrier (and one of my most disliked airlines) would fly to the USA seems to have been raised noisily every other year since 2007.  The proposal is always that there will be ultra low cost economy (coach) fares starting at $US15 and a business class service. The transatlantic services would operate under different branding to the main carrier. This same transatlantic idea is then quietly retired each and very time. It almost seems like a free publicity strategy by the carrier to increase its current passneger load (currently 90million per year). On…

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Website: “I Hate Ryanair” to close!

One passenger (Robert Tyler) who disliked Ryanair immensely set up ihateryanair.co.uk in February 2007. The site has acted as a place for passengers to share horror stories. In January 2010, Mr Tyler began accepting ads on the site which earnt him 365 pounds.  Ryanair then took Mr Tyler to a domain name tribunal complaining “that the site took unfair advantage of the Ryanair name for commercial gain.” The adjudicator agreed saying: “It cannot be fair to take advantage of the reputation attached to another party’s trade mark in this manner, whether it be good or bad.” and has demanded that the…

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Why is Ryanair so bad?

Ryanair is the discount airline that everyone loves to hate.  Yet, they fly more international passengers than Lufthansa. Staggeringly they carry more international passengers than British Airways  and Air France combined. They operate   250 Boeing 737-800 aircraft on over 1,100 routes across Europe. While, my experiences with Ryanair have been okay. I rate them only 3 out of 5 which makes them my eighth most disliked airline! Tripadviser earlier in 2010 declared Ryanair to be the worst for amenities (4th year in a row). Reasons why Ryanair is disliked: Ryanair charge very low fares and then add extras like luggage and…

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