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Photos en route- showing respect

Picture this (particularly parents) Your 15 yo is sitting at the bus stop outside the corner shop 150metres from the school gates. She is sitting talking to her best friend. Probably gossiping. Probably not talking about homework! The location is a transport hub. Behind the shops is the ferry wharf and about 600 metres (650 yards) away is the train station. From the train station comes a foreign tourist in his late 20s/early 30s and his girlfriend. You can tell he is a tourist. Talking loudly in a foreign language, dressed in holiday clothes and…

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Where is this? Cool Tool

Where is this?   or this place? Ever seen a picture on the net or uploaded an old pic from your collection and wondered: “Where is this? Website: Where is this? allows people to upload a picture and then gives others the opportunity to suggest where it might be! Its free. The site owners prefer people did not add photos of places if they know where they have been taken: “ This site is not for riddles!” The first location is unknown but the second one is at the University of Bremen in Germany. Know where these ones are?…

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