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Cheap tips for any city you visit

While guidebooks, websites and concierges may be useful places to find markets, meals and amusements, there is one place that I find really useful for finding cheap tips – even if you are not staying there and thats the youth hostel or backpackers. They are used to giving tips to bargain markets, less pricier meals, discount deals for amusements. Most usually have boards up with information and deals. Even if you are not staying with them, they are very helpful. I am a Youth hostel member, even though I would stay at one a year-…

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Travel Tip #13 Save through Youth Hostels!

I have been a member of the Youth Hostels Association on and off since 1977. Over the last few years I have faithfully renewed my membership without hesitation. Yet, my days of staying in backpacker rooms with 12 or more backpackers are very rare. My major motivation frankly for staying connected as as member are the discounts that many establishments offer youth hostel members. These discounts far outweigh the cost of my mmbership. The YHA discounts, I think, are the best of any discount scheme I have encountered travelling. Travelex gives commission free cash at…

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