Happy Christmas Qantas- some things are not your fault.

The 2010 Qantas Christmas card doesn’t show metres of snow or faulty engines.

Image: Copyright AP Photo/ Steve Parsons taken from Herald-Sun

Difficult job being in Qantas PR this year.

I do wish people would stop blaming them for the snow delays though. And think!

8 stranded jumbos. Thats 3200 people on them and at least 3200 people waiting for them. Every 24 hours they are delayed is another 6000-7000 people.

If they all called Qantas simultaneously and spend 5 minutes talking to an agent 70 000 minutes of calls or 10 000 hours -every 48 hours. You would need 500 agents all working 10 hour days just to deal with them. Thats assuming every one calls and that their calls only go for five minutes. All during Qantas busiest period yet.

So stuck in snow? No use blaming the airline. One can only trust that they are trying to get 6999 other people home too. Check your options but if the airports are closed, you are not going anywhere. Sorry!

Save your anger for the real things that Qantas is showing-like a crappy New Zealand-Australia offering, inconsistent service
and the downgrading of benefits for long term frequent fliers (thats tomorrows blog)

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