Help! Sorting out luggage fees and weights

In an extraordinary admission, the, President of US Airways, Scott Kirby stated that the airline’s profit for 2010 will come entirely fromancillary revenue” or fees as we passengers know them. This is the reason why everywhere you turn now when flying, you seem to pay another damned fee. And its so confusing!

I am planning a flight from Los Angeles to JFK in 2011. Here are two of my options:

Virgin America
50lb- Free
Free and for-pay entertainment
Meals and Drinks
Drink included-snacks to buy
Drink included-snacks to buy

On fare alone, Virgin is cheaper.
Add one bag and JetBlue is cheaper- albeit by $3.
Throw in the wifi and the gap becomes a little greater.
If you want the exit row, however, thats where it becomes really interesting. JetBlue will charge you $50 on that sector for exit row making your fare $209.70. Virgin America have turned it into a premium economy seat and will charge you $451. This price does include a free bag and unlimited meals. Are those meals really worth the extra $240.30?

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