Amazing Video of LAX landing

This awesome video  shows a commercial plane landing at dusk into Los Angeles International Airport. The video has been edited and sped up fitting all the action into under 5 minutes with very appropriate background music (Los Angeles by Sugarcult) that I find really cool. Some hate the music (hint: watch the video with the sound on mute, if that is you)

  • The plane comes in from the northwest into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at an altitude of 10,000 feet (3 000 metres)
  • the downwind leg is entered over the Santa Monica  VOR (VHF omnidirectional radio range) station
  • the flight  then follows approximately the Santa Monica Freeway
  •  a  turn is made along the 710 Pasadena Freeway
  • the final approach onto runway 24R parallels the 105 Freeway.


I have flown into or out of LAX just over 90 times! It is one of my least favourite airports in the world and my heart sinks whenever I approach the place. Skytrax users rate LAX  4.3 out of 10. If I was able to fly in and out in the cockpit like this, I may have a very different perspective!



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