BMI Baby makes fares fully transparent

I complain so often about the airlines that hide their prices behind a wall of charges and “extras” (see my blog posts: $198 to Europe or 981.80 and More on Cheapies)

Today BMI Baby (yes its a real airline) in an email to customers said: You’ve probably noticed a change in the way that our fares are displayed, but don’t be alarmed, there’s a very good reason for it. You see, we want to be open and honest with our customers, by including all airport taxes and charges on our fares display page. 

We’ve made this change to be more transparent, a requirement which all airlines should be following.

So don’t be fooled by a low price, with a nasty surprise hiding behind it. Book with bmibaby, because our fares are fair.

Well done BMI Baby- and I agree: “a requirement which all airlines should be following”

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