2300 hours

A recent flight  tipped me over into 2300 hours of flying since I was born. This is equivalent to over 95 days inside a metal tube.  Over 3 months of my life!

More Trivia (some of which can be found at my flightmemory page)

  • 75 airlines (my favourites of course Emirates, Air New Zealand and Qantas)
  • 48 types of plane (the 3 most common being B737, B747 and B767 and the most exotic a Zepplin airship)
  • 180 airports (the 3 most common Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles)
  • 36 countries on 5 continents flown to (out of the 47 countries I have visited to- 2 countries I went to by ship, 2 by bus and 7 by train)
  • 43% of my flights have involved an Australian destination,  31% a US destination and 8% a New Zealand stop and 4% a UK stop.
  • I have sat by the window 281 times, on the  Aisle   151 times and in the  Middle  21 times..I cant recall the rest…guessing same proportions. 

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