The tale of the Falafel stand

It was lunchtime in Amma and the little food shop I passed was flat out. The guy behind the till was taking orders, answering the phone and frying flafel simultanesously. There was a long line of men waiting to buy.

I asked for a falafel wahad (one falafel). He smiled and said “here you are” as he handed me a plate. “Sit down, welcome, enjoy.” I got my wallet and he waved me away. “sit down, welcome and enjoy“.

I enjoyed it. The fresh falafel melted in my mouth. The salads were fresh and the bread clearly newly baked.

When I was done, I returned my plate to him. “You like?” he said
I said “that was fantastic
He beamed as he continued to serve customers, fry falafel and work the till.
Where are you from?”
Australia” I said
I again tried to pay. He waved me away.
The only way he accepted some money from me was when I bought a drink and a second falafel to take away.
It was the best falafel I have ever had. Made even better by the generous hospitality of the people who served it.
Shukrun (thank you)

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