The tale of the Convenience Store

I am going to share a series of my adventures on this mideast trip.
Its been warm in Amman Jordan today. I have a favourite drink that I have been buying all over the city in the little stores that are ubiquitous here. It is bottled guava juice and it typically costs .4 of a Jordanian Dinar (55 of my cents).

I stopped at the little store nearest to the hotel (160 metres away to be exact), grabbed a bottle of Guava juice from the fridge and greeted the shop keeper.

He said “3 diners” (4 dollars) holding up three fingers.
I responded in Arabic: taleta dinar? La! (3 dinars? No!)
His smile faltered a little.
No I said 1.3 dinars
I stared into his eyes as I pressed a 1 dinar note into his hand and said:.  “Really 1.3?”

He grabbed the 1 dinar note and rustled for change and bundled me out of the store with .6 of a dinar in change meaning I paid my normal price. I wonder how many tourists fall for the first price? Thats commerce I guess!
I need to say this has been a very rare event here in Jordan. I am fascinated that it happened so close to my hotel!

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