Dear Nut – Please Go away

I sent this through to Qantas this week. (OK I know I am geek but let me geeky about something)

Dear Qantas
This is a very, very unusual request.
I am a Qantas Platinum customer (QF 1657665). I am also a plane geek.
This week I flew my 737th flight in my life. I flew my 737th flight on a Boeing 737. (see my blog post about it: The flight was in the USA with Southwest airlines.

My flight memory where I record all my fights is here: 

Now to my request:
I am booked to fly MEL-AKL-WLG-AKL-LAX in June
The AKL-LAX leg will be my 747th flight. I thought that the segment would be flown by a 747 (it used to be).  It seems it is a A330 instead.
My request is this: Is it possible to change the booking so that I can fly WLG-MEL or SYD then MEL or SYD -LAX so I can do my 747th flight on a 747 without paying change fees and rebooking fees or higher fares? The significances are:

  • 747th flight on a 747
  •  of my 92  flights on a 747:  40 have been with Qantas. 
  • Qantas used to be an all 747 airline. 
  • Of the 737 flights, I have flown Qantas Airways for 232 of them. Jetstar for 6, Eastern Australia, TAA etc for an additional number.

This is a highly unusual request and not something I would pester you with but for a plane geek it would be amazing.

I do hope to hear a favourable reply. Thank you

Yours Sincerely

Martin J Cowling
CEO, People First-Total Solutions

I got the following reply:

Dear Mr Cowling,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Whilst we appreciate your enthusiasm for your aircrafts, enquiries relating to fare quotes, reservations, booking changes and cancellations cannot be answered via email.

We suggest you contact Qantas Telephone Sales for assistance as they are able to examine all possible variables to meet your requests.

Please contact Qantas Telephone Sales Australia (24 hour service), or if outside Australia, please refer to the link below for your local Qantas office.

We wish you all the best for the future.


[Name withheld]
QANTAS Airways

In other words: "you are a nut, go away."

The very, very helpful Qantas Telephone Sales told me after 40 mins 29 secs of trying that they could change it so I could fly on that 747 routing but to do so would cost me $200 change fee plus a $80 service fee plus a whole new fare upgrade for $1700. Total cost $1980. 

It is actually cheaper to move the date of my existing reservation to later in the year and book a whole new round trip ticket allowing me to fly on a 747 with Air NZ out of Auckland, or with Qantas or United out of SYD. Guess who I am least likely to choose to fly with...again.

Why is Qantas customer service so disappointing?  I know it was a long shot but I thought Qantas might have come to the party on this. Would it have cost them that much to change my ticket or at least send me a more affirming customer service reply? eg

Dear Mr Cowling
Thank you for your on going commitment and loyalty to Qantas. Congratulations too on achieving 747 flights and we are proud/pleased that Qantas has been part of that milestone 232 times. We really appreciate your interest.....


  1. I hadnt noticed that….too funny….get psych help for this nutty passenger?!

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