787 finally here?

I want to fly on it!
Three years after their they were promised their 787, ANA may finally get it in August/September, 2011.

ANA is the launch customer for the Boeing 787 and has ordered 55 of the Dreamliners.
In July, Boeing and All Nippon Airways (ANA) will be using plane ZA002, a test 787 to simulate normal operations  including maintenance, towing and refueling. It is anticipated that the plane will fly between Tokyo Haneda Airport and Osaka, Okayama and Hiroshima.

ANA has had pilots in a training program run by Boeing Training & Flight Services learning how to fly the plane with “some 80 ANA pilots are scheduled to be trained to fly the 787“.

To see a promotional video of the ANA 787 specifications and details check out the We Fly 1st. ANA Boeing 787 website.

I am hoping the 787 is in the air when I do my 787th flight which is in less than 35 flights time. 

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