Wild about travel has moved!

As foreshadowed, Boardingarea.com is our new home. Thanks for inviting us aboard!

I am Wild about Travel. I love it. Both the journey and the destination. I want to share about my experiences with both. Thoughts and observations from where I have been and how I have got there. Expect cities, nature, planes, trains, advice, hassles and good times.

I have flown 786 times (as of now) for a total of 1,785,449km (1,109,427 miles) to six continents with 78 airlines. I have experienced boat travel and train travel on or between five continents and buses plus cars everywhere.

In October I will visit my 51st country.

One of my quirks is I like to rate everything: Aeroplanes, Airlines, Cities, Hotels- even experiences!

Love your feedback. Please post comments

NB We have imported my blog posts from another site so the formatting is a bit inconsistent on some of the previous posts. We will be fixing those. Please be patient!

Look forward to sharing the journeys!





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