My Passport is in my luggage

As I stood at the Check in counter, I watched a gentleman return to the check in counter in a very agitated state. He attempted to clamber onto the luggage conveyor belt over the check in desk and was grasping at bags. He was exclaiming loudly:  “I have left my passport in my luggage

Sigh! Passports never live in luggage, along with Medicines and Jewellery.

The man was restrained from going any further with promises being made that his bag would be retrieved.

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  1. There should be a blog post simply so that people could list the most outrageous quotes they’ve heard while travelling.

  2. On arriving in LAX many years back, just coming off the air bridge and walking past a passenger who had had a heart attack and was on an ER cart with med staff caring for her – distraught husband “You can’t die yet, we’ve already paid for our holiday!”

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