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Reducing Lost Luggage Problems

I have had a few bags lost in my travels. There are some things one can do to minimise them. Don’t check in luggage -I do all I can to reduce my total luggage to one carry-on and a small extra bag Choose an airline that has a better record with bags than the others. Do not put anything important in your checked luggage. This includes medicines, ID documents, cash, credit cards, laptops, ipad or jewellry Put your name, email and phone number on a piece of A4 or A3 paper inside your bag and…

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How to close an aircraft overhead compartment

I love the sounds of an aeroplane. The roar of the engines, the bang of the wheels retracting, the motors running that extend the wing flaps for take-off and the wind whistling past etc etc Of all the aircraft noises I hate the most, it’s the sound of slamming overhead bin doors! Some passengers, some airlines and some cabin attendants get it right. Others don’t and there is a cacophony of slamming hatches. Its fast and supposedly efficient -but irritating. Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam! To keep me happy: With one hand, hold the latch open.…

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Protect your Bags!

Something to strike fear into the hearts of passengers who check bags in. Italian authorities 18 months ago, installed hidden cameras at several airports across Italy. Police then viewed over 2,000 hours of footage taken by these cameras. The footage showed Alitalia baggage handlers deliberately picking luggage locks, cutting open suitcases and stealing money, electronics, jewellery and other items.  One employee was taped while attempting to break into a suitcase by stabbing it multiple times. Take a look: The Italian National Police arrested 86 Alitalia employees as a result of the footage. The thefts occurred on board Alitalia planes and in areas…

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Great Luggage App

I found a great tool this week called Luggage Limits. It is available on line at  and via Iphone and Android apps Type in airline, destination and origin and the site will tell you all of the airline’s luggage limits. You can check classes, carry on luggage sizes and luggage fees. They have a great tool which allows you to compare luggage between airlines on a particular route. Great for making decisions between carriers.   Related Posts Travel Tip: Don’t Check in baggage Travel Tip:  Take No Toiletries   Main Airline Fees How many Shoes do you travel with      

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Travel Tip: Don’t Check in baggage

Following on from last week, when I talked about how many toiletries people travel with, I had a very frustrating week with fellow passengers and their luggage . At Melbourne airport, a family of five were checking in, in front of me. They had fifteen bags – for a vacation. They had a huge argument with the check in staff about their baggage allowance. They were claiming the first class luggage allowance whilst travelling in Economy. The check in clerk was not giving it to them despite their posturing and yelling.  The end result of a lot of wasted time, was a re pack…

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My Passport is in my luggage

As I stood at the Check in counter, I watched a gentleman return to the check in counter in a very agitated state. He attempted to clamber onto the luggage conveyor belt over the check in desk and was grasping at bags. He was exclaiming loudly:  “I have left my passport in my luggage” Sigh! Passports never live in luggage, along with Medicines and Jewellery. The man was restrained from going any further with promises being made that his bag would be retrieved.

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