United delays International 787 expansion

Following the grounding of one of United’s six 787s for an electrical generator failure on 4th December, the airline has delayed sthe deployment of the 787 on some routes out of Houston Intercontinental. The services are to 

  • Lagos which will start in “late January” instead of 3 January,
  • London due now on 1 March instead of 4 February
  • Amsterdam on 24 February instead of 23 February

United still plans to begin flights between Los Angeles and Shanghai Pudong on 30 March, and Denver and Tokyo Narita on 31 March.

The airline said  By delaying the LOS [Lagos] and LHR [London Heathrow] service, we will use this additional time to work with Boeing to continue to improve the reliability of the aircraft,

No news on the outcome of the Boeing- United investigation into the cause of the failure which occurred on a flight from Houston to Newark, N.J. The plane diverted to New Orleans when one of the jet’s six electrical generators appeared to have failed.


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