Wednesday Wackiness: Tasmania- MIA

a cracker with spices on it

Arnotts, the dominant Australian biscuit (cookie) and cracker manufacturer has created a new cracker in the shape of Australia for the country’s national holiday tomorrow January 26.

Some have criticised the crackers because the map does not incude the southern island state of Tasmania (see right)

Tasmania has been a separate island for 10 000 years and part of Australia since Federation in 1901 but often gets left off maps, promotional materials, tourist materials.

How does one keep the island state in people’s front of mind? A question often asked by

a map of australia with different colored states

the Tasmanian Tourist authorities. In the year to September, 2011 there were  861,900 visitors to the state. They stayed just over a week on average.  Of those visitors most are from the other states:  743,400 in fact. Thismeans only 118, 500 come from overseas to visit Tasmania. To put that in perspective, thats less than the number of international passengers that pass through Sydney airport every three days.

Tasmania is a stunning place to visit with amazing food and scenery. How could Tasmania increase international interest? (and how does one make a cracker with Tasmania attached?)






  1. I’ve never been to Australia, but of what I know Tasmania would be on my list of places to visit.
    Here in Germany it is also quite known already.

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